Frequency 1210AM (kHz)
City Kingsley, Michigan
Market Traverse City
Branding NewsTalk 1110 & 1210
Owner Stone Communications
Power 50,000 watts (Daytime)
2,500 watts (Nighttime)
Airdate April 17, 1947
Format launch
Format dropped
Sister stations WJML

WJNL (1210AM) is a news/talk-formatted radio station licensed to Kingsley, Michigan, serving the Traverse City area. The station is owned by Rick Stone's Stone Communications, and simulcasts with WJML in Petoskey, Michigan.

Progressive talk programmingEdit

The stations carry a mix of conservative, liberal and nonpartisan talk.

WJML's sister station, WWKK, formerly carried a mostly all-progressive talk format featuring programming from Air America Radio, including Thom Hartmann and Randi Rhodes. Stone Communications sold WWKK in 2006. The programming of the two stations were combined. Shortly thereafter, Stone purchased WLDR. Currently, their only progressive talk offerings include Ed Schultz and Alan Colmes.

The stations' lineup includes Citadel's The Big Show morning program, as well as Neal Boortz, Glenn Beck, Steve Malzberg, Michael Savage, and Free Talk Live. The two stations do carry some weekly local shows such as BJ Mogg's "Bits of Life" show and "The WJML Shopping Spree," which both air on Saturday mornings.


In 2000, Stone decided to start a second AM in Petoskey giving WJML a sister. That station was WWKK "Kool 750", and at first, it was an oldies outlet. Petoskey lost its oldies station, WAIR 92.5 FM (now WFDX, a simulcast of classic hits WFCX), when the station, owned by Langer Gokey, flipped unsuccessfully to country "The Bee". Eventually, Petoskey got oldies again on the FM dial as Ross Biederman's WCCW-FM 107.5 Traverse City started simulcasting on WCZW-FM 107.9 in nearby Charlevoix. Therefore, it allowed WWKK to become more of a liberal talker while WJML became more conservative.

Recently, Stone traded WWKK in exchange for Roy Henderson's WLDR-AM 1210 in Traverse City, MI, which will allow WJML to have a stronger signal in the Cherry Capitol. In preparation for the change, WJML asked listeners what shows they wanted to keep, since both WJML and WWKK could no longer co-exist. The former WWKK is now WLDR-AM 750, simulcasting the country format of WLDR-FM 101.9 in Traverse City.

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