As different as we all are - is as alike as we all are.  Our lives are a constant - yet everchanging conglomeration of what we make of them; what we believe has been imposed on us; what we believe we have the power to alter.    As different and isolated as we may feel - is as connected as we can be.  

'Monday's Man and Wednesday's Woman 'on MyNDTALK with Dr. Pamela Brewer ...

... are the two hours every week when listeners have the opportunity to listen, learn, explore, bond, laugh and cry, breathe a sigh of relief and a sigh of awareness, ease into the knowledge of not being alone while gaining the clarity of being enirely unique with a Man or a Woman whose life is completely different from yours - and altogether similar.  

Join us! For more information:

 Freedom Tuesday on MyNDTALK ...

...the day you meet someone who has taken the risk to chase freedom, reach freedom, live in freedom. In the various ways.  Each teller of their story is honest, thorough...and free...

Thorough Thorough on MyNDTALK...

...a relationship/subject matter expert shares expertise in a way and in a language that is jargon free and actually useful! :-) 

Talk To Me Friday on MyNDTALK - the day Dr. Brewer responds to the emails received during the week.     MyNDTALK listeners go to and becomes a Member (free!) and able to send questions/comments/etc. 

All in all - it's a full week of information, meeting new people, thinking in new ways and having fun! 


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