Harry O is now writing online at His work appears the Sacramento Environmental News Examiner at least four times per week.

The story of the Green Hour with Harry O.

To make a long story short we started the program on KITS-FM in San Francisco in 1990. We've been in production on a regular basis from 1990-2007 and we started the trek again in 2008. The Green Hour is produced in Sacramento, California, and is the only nationally-syndicated radio program produced in the Capitol City or River City or Sactown or whatever. Just don't call it Frisco...oops, force of habit.

Our Green Hour affiliates are KYCY AM 1550 in San Francisco and KMNY AM 1360 in Dallas/Fort Worth. KMNY also carries Earth Witness News during the week.

The Green Hour is the home of ground-breaking, (mostly) non-judgmental news and views on conservation and the environment.

The Green Hour is looking to add more affiliates to our excellent roster of fine radio stations.

Tell your favorite station about the Green Hour's offering of programming. We produce a news feature, Earth Witness News, as well.

Harry O is also on LinkedIn

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