Nova M Radio, LLC is a radio station acquisition firm and radio syndication service operated by Sheldon Drobny, Anita Drobny and originally Dr. Mike Newcomb (who later left the firm). Its stated purpose was to purchase, own and operate under-performing radio stations in small and medium sized markets. These stations would then broadcast progressive talk radio content, particularly programming from their own network, as well as from Air America Radio and other organizations.


In late March 2006, Nova M Radio entered into an agreement with Continental Broadcasting, owner of KPHX in Phoenix, Arizona, bringing the progressive talk programming formerly carried by KXXT (1010 kHz AM) with them.

On October 18 of the same year, following the Chapter 11 filing by Air America, Nova M announced that it would form its own radio network featuring personalities including Mike Newcomb, Mike Malloy, and John Zogby. KPHX serves as the flagship of Nova M's new network.

The company operated KDXE in Little Rock, Arkansas, under a similar agreement until early 2007. Nova M originally planned to lease stations in other cities, but more recently, the Drobny's have urged local groups to organize to purchase or lease stations for progressive talk radio.

XM Satellite Radio airs content syndicated by Nova M including the Randi Rhodes Show which is broadcast live on the Air America channel on XM, pre-empting whatever program the live Air America network is broadcasting at that time.


Nova M Radio's syndicated offerings consist of two weekday shows, hosted by Randi Rhodes (weekdays 3-6 p.m. EST) and Mike Malloy (9 p.m. - 12 a.m. EST). A third weekday host Jeff Farias does a local program on KPHX(weeknights 6-9 p.m. EST). The network's other offerings consist of weekly programming, such as the Unreported News Radio Show with Hurricane Katrina survivor Herb "Sarge" Phelps created by Sean Ryan and produced by Sean Ryan, A Different View with Rev. Walt Wieder and Jeff Young. The Drobnys host a program on Sunday mornings called The Cutting Edge. The network's web stream is that of their Phoenix flagship station, KPHX, and airs outside syndicated programming such as Stephanie Miller (Jones Radio Network), Thom Hartmann and various other Air America Radio programs.

In February, 2009, Nova M said it was going to declare bankruptcy and then went off the air entirely. It was replaced by Dr. Mike Newcomb's On Second Thought network for about a week or two before the offices were chained shut.

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