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This is a list of notable American talk radio hosts who express a liberal or progressive viewpoint, past and present.

Syndicated/national programs and personalities

The following are radio talk show programs and personalities that are nationally syndicated or broadcast.

Name Network Website Podcast Feed
Alternative Radio independent [1] [2]
Doug Basham independent [3]
David Bender Air America Radio [4]
Alex Bennett Sirius Satellite Radio [5][6]
Peter B. Collins independent [7]
Counterspin FAIR [8] [9]
Democracy Now independent [10]
Alan Colmes Fox News Radio [11][12][13] [14][15]
Jon Elliott Air America Radio [16]
Mike Feder Sirius Left [17]
Laura Flanders Air America Radio [18][19] [20]
Free Speech Radio News Pacifica [21] [22][23]
Barry Gordon independent [24] [25]
Richard Greene Air America Radio [26]
Thom Hartmann Air America Radio [27] [28][29]
Jim Hightower independent [30] [31]
Informed Dissent Pacifica [32] [33]
Tom Joyner ABC Radio Networks [34] [35]
Ron Kuby Air America Radio [36]
Left Jab Radio XM Satellite Radio [37] [38]
Lionel Air America Radio [39]
Rachel Maddow Air America Radio [40] [41]
Making Contact [42] [43]
Mike Malloy Nova M Radio [44]
Bob McChesney National Public Radio [45] [46]
Fred McChesney [47] [48]
Stephanie Miller Jones Radio Networks [49]
Mike Newcomb independent [50]
On The Media National Public Radio [51] [52]
Peacewatch Pacifica [53] [54]
Jerry Pippen [55]
Bill Press Jones Radio Networks [56]
Progressive Radio [57] [58][59]
Randi Rhodes Air America Radio [60] [61][62]
Lynn Samuels Sirius [63]
Ed Schultz Jones Radio Networks [64]
Sam Seder Air America Radio [65] [66]
Harry Shearer National Public Radio [67] [68]
Michelangelo Signorile Sirius Satellite Radio [69]
Howard Stern Sirius Satellite Radio [70]
Tony Trupiano independent
Wait Wait... Don't Tell Me! [71] [72]
The Young Turks independent [73]

Local hosts

The following are radio personalities that air on local stations.

Name Network Website Podcast Feed
Russ Belville KPOJ
Bill Dwight WHMP [74] [75]
Jack Ellery WCTC, New Brunswick, NJ
Jeff Farias KPHX, Phoenix, AZ
Michael Jackson
Karel KGO, San Francisco, CA [76] [77]
Jay Marvin KKZN, Denver, CO
The Green Hour [78] [79]
The Other Side [80]
Keri Rodrigues WSAR, Somerset, MA
Neil Rogers WQAM, Miami, FL
Turi Ryder [81] [82]
Ray Taliaferro KGO, San Francisco, CA
Stacy Taylor KLSD, San Diego, CA
This Is Hell [83] [84]
Truth to Power Hour [85]
Bree Walker KTLK, Los Angeles, CA
Bernie Ward KGO, San Francisco, CA
Peter Werbe WRIF, Detroit, MI

Notable television personalities

Name Network Website Podcast Feed
Keith Olbermann MSNBC website [86]
Bill Maher HBO [87] iTunes

Internet radio personalities

Name Network Website Podcast Feed
Arne Arneson [88]
Bruno and the Professor Head-On Radio Network [89] [90]
Brian Copeland [91]
The Young Turks independent [92] [93]


Name Website Podcast Feed
Echoes of a Century [94] [95]
FreeMix Radio [96] [97]
Meria Heller [98] [99]
IPR: Irrational Public Radio [100] [101]
Making Contact [102] [103][104]
Taylor Marsh [105] [106]
Ian Masters [107] [108]
Mediageek [109] [110]
Mindwalk [111] [112]
NoOne's Listening [113] [114]
The Now Show
[115] [116]


Name Website Podcast Feed
Jani Allan
Alan Berg
"EcoTalk" w/ Betsy Rosenberg [117] [118][119]
Al Franken [120] [121]
Enid Goldstein [122]
Harrison On The Edge [123]
Erin Hart [124]
Jerry Springer
Mike Webb
Steve Earle [125] [126]
Mother Jones Radio [127] [128]
Politically Direct w/ David Bender [129] [130]

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