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Area Arbitron market Station Dates Notes
Phoenix, AZ 15 KXXT
Station dropped AAR in early 2006 after being sold. AAR eventually moved to KPHX
Little Rock, AK 85 KDXE
3/06-3/07 Carried a majority AAR programming and was leased by Nova M Radio. Switched to ESPN radio in March 2007 after lease ended. [1]
Fresno, CA 66 KFPT
-4/07 Carried a majority AAR programming. Dropped progressive talk in April 2007 upon sale of station. [2]
Quincy, CA KPCO 1370AM Formerly carried Ed Schultz
Sacramento, CA 26 KCTC
-2/07 Moved to KCTC from KSAC. Carried a majority AAR programming. Dropped AAR in Feb. 2007.
Sacramento, CA 26 KSAC
Switched to gospel music
San Diego, CA 17 KLSD 2004-11/12/07 Owned by Clear Channel. Switched to sports on Nov. 12, 2007.
Santa Cruz, CA KOMY
-1/07 Carries a majority AAR programming. Station was reportedly planning on dropping Air America in November 2006. Dropped AAR in January '07 for oldies music. [3]
New Haven, CT 107 WAVZ
-2/07 Owned by Clear Channel. Carried a majority AAR programming. Flipped to ESPN radio in Feb. 2007.
Key West, FL 291 WKIZ
Once carried AAR programming. Now a Spanish language music format.
Sarasota, FL 74 WSRQ
Owned by Clear Channel. Used to air the Jerry Springer Show.
Atlanta, GA 10 WMLB
-2/07 Air America's Atlanta area affiliate dropped all but Al Franken's show on June 11 2006, after the station was sold to JW Broadcasting.[1] AAR programming ended when Franken ended his show in Feb. 2007.

Honolulu, HI KUMU
Flipped to Sporting News Radio
Lihue, HI - KQNG Island of Kauai. Only carried The Al Franken Show.
Chicago, IL 3 WNTD
Station owners dropped AAR in April 2004 after a payment dispute. [4]
Davenport, IA 143 WKBF 1270AM Programming terminated effective December 5, 2006. Switched to Christian programming following sale of station. [5].
Iowa City, IA - KXIC 800AM Carried only Thom Hartmann and Randi Rhodes, both no longer on schedule as of Feb. 2007.

Baton Rouge, LA 77 WPYR 1380AM
Switched to Hallelujah Gospel music in late 2007.
Lafayette, LA 103 KEUN 1490AM Switched to primarily conservative talk around August 2007
New Orleans, LA 47 WSMB 1350AM Dropped AAR in November 2006. [7].
Portland, ME 167 WLVP 870AM Station dropped AAR on June 1, 2007 for ESPN Radio.
Petoskey, MI 192 WWKK 750AM Station sold. AAR programming moved to sister stations WJML and WLDR.
Duluth, MN 204 KQDS 1490AM Switched to Oldies in Feb. 2007 [8]
Ely, MN - WELY 1450AM switched to sports
St. Louis, MO WGNU website Switched to gospel music
St. Louis, MO KRFT website Switched to sports
Lake Tahoe, NV - KTHO 590AM Station dropped AAR and returned to local programming in August 2005. [9]
Boston, MA 11 WKOX &
1200 AM &
Owned by Clear Channel; flipped to Radio Rumba on December 20, 2006 [10]
Missoula, MT KKNS 105.9FM Switched to Jack FM in March 2006. [11]
Buffalo, NY 52 WHLD 1270AM Carried a majority AAR programming. Dropped the format in December 2006. [12]
Binghamton, NY 179 WYOS 1360AM [13] The Nov. 13, 2006 edition of North East Radio Watch reports that WYOS has switched from Air America to ESPN sports.
New York, NY 1 WLIB 1190AM First flagship station. Owners dropped AAR on Sept. 1, 2006. [14] and switched to gospel. AAR moved to WWRL
Akron, OH 73 WJMP 1520AM Dropped AAR for sports in June 2005. [15]. AAR moved to WARF in July 2005.
Akron, OH 73 WARF 1350AM Owned by Clear Channel; Switched to All Sports March 30, 2007[16]
Cincinnati, OH 28 WSAI 1360AM Owned by Clear Channel; Moved to 1360 WSAI from 1530 WCKY. WSAI dropped format in December 2006. [17]
Cleveland, OH WTAM 1100AM Dropped the Jerry Springer Show, its only AAR programming, in March 2006.
Columbus, OH 38 WTPG 1230AM Owned by Clear Channel. Carried a majority AAR programming. Switched to mostly conservative talk programming on January 7, 2007. Programs include Bill O'Reilly, Michael Savage, Quinn & Rose, Laura Ingraham, Jim Rome, Gary Sullivan, and Dave Ramsey. [18]
Warren, OH WANR 1570AM Changed formats to Christian programming following an ownership dispute in April 2005 [2]A few weeks later, the group seeking to switch the station's format was able to purchase the station, and the Air America programming was discontinued permanently.
Albany, OR - KTHH 990AM Switched to country.
Eugene, OR KOPT 1450AM Purchased by Oregon Public Broadcasting
Medford, OR KEZX 730AM
Philadelphia, PA 6 WHAT 1340AM Only carried Al Franken and Randi Rhodes. Station dropped both shows in September of 2005.[19]
Pittsburgh, PA 23 WURP 1550AM Carried the Young Turks morning show Mon. - Fri. and AAR on Saturday afternoons. Dropped AAR programming on April 15 2007 for business radio following station sale. [20]
Providence, RI WHJJ 920AM October 15, 2004. Carried only Franken and Rhodes. Station dropped AAR in September of 2005.[21]
Charleston, SC 59 WLTQ 730AM Flipped to adult standards in September 2005 as "WLTQ - The Music Of Your Life" [22]
Chattanooga, TN 106 WDOD 1310AM After 11 months, WDOD dropped AAR in favor of hits of the 1950s to 1970s in August 2006. [23]
Memphis, TN 49 WSMB 680AM Switched to Fox Sports Sept 1st, 2007 per Radio Online. WSMB call sign moved from New Orleans to Memphis (formerly WWTQ) following hurricane Katrina, which is why WSMB appears twice in this list
Austin, TX 42 KOKE 1600AM Station was sold and began broadcasting Tejano music as of October 17th, 2007.
Dallas, TX KXEB 910AM Station sold. Dropped Air America on Oct. 1, 2006 for Catholic-oriented format. [24]
San Antonio, TX KRPT 92.5FM Switched to country music.
San Antonio, TX 30 KTXX 103.1FM Fringe signal in San Antonio. Carries a majority AAR programming. Switched to Spanish language programming in December 2006 [25]

KPTQ, Spokane Washington switched from Progressive Talk to Country Music around first week of April, 2012.

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