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Area Call sign/freq. Website Webstream Time
Phoenix, AZ KPHX 1480AM Web Java mp3 3-6A MT AZ (live)
Los Angeles, CA KTLK 1150AM Web 3-6A PT (live)
Monterey, CA KRXA 540AM mp3 3-6A PT (live)
Palm Springs, CA KPTR 1340AM 3-6A PT (live)
San Francisco, CA KKGN 960AM Web 3-6A PT (live)
San Luis Obispo, CA KYNS 1340AM 3-6A PT (live)
Santa Barbara, CA KIST 1340AM 3-6A PT (live)
Denver/Boulder, CO KKZN 760AM Web 4-7A MT (live)
Washington, DC WWRC 1260AM Web 6-9A ET (live)
Daytona Beach, FL WPUL 1590AM Web 6-9A ET (live)
Destin, FL WNWF 1120AM WMA 6-9A ET (live)
Chicago, IL WCPT 820AM Web 5-8A CT (live)
Ann Arbor, MI WLBY 1290AM 6-9A ET (live)
Detroit, MI WDTW 1310AM 6-9A ET (live)
Grand Rapids, MI WTKG 1230AM Web 6-9A ET (live)
Minneapolis-St. Paul, MN KTNF 950AM mp3 5-8A CT (live)
Missoula, MT KMPT 930AM 4-7A MT (live)
Reno, NV KJFK 1230AM 3-6A PT (live)
Albuquerque, NM KABQ 1350AM 4-7A MT (live)
Taos, NM KVOT 1340AM
4-7A MT (live)
Buffalo, NY WWKB 1520AM 6-9A ET (live)
Ithaca, NY WNYY 1470AM 6-9A ET (live)
Rochester, NY WROC 950AM 6-9A ET (live)
Asheville, NC WPEK 880AM Web 6-9A ET (live)
Columbus, OH WVKO 1580AM mp3 6-9A ET (live)
Toledo, OH WDMN 1520AM 6-9A ET (live)
Astoria, OR KKEE 1230AM Web 3-6A PT (live)
Portland, OR KPOJ 620AM; Web 3-6A PT (live)
Dallas, TX KMNY 1360AM 5-8A CT (live)
Brattleboro, VT WKVT 1490AM Web 6-9A ET (live)
Charlottesville, VA WVAX 1450AM 6-9A ET (live)
Bellingham, WA KBAI 930AM 3-6A PT (live)
Seattle, WA KPTK 1090AM Web 3-6A PT (live)
Spokane, WA KPTQ 1280AM 3-6A PT (live)

Satellite RadioEdit

Name Channel Website Time
Sirius Left 146 website
XM America Left 167 website

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